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Best resort

Zanzibar has a number of beach resorts. By far the best is the Mnemba Island Resort. This is one of the world's foremost conversation piece resorts. It's on its own small, secluded tropical islands barely off Zanzibar's eastern coast. This exclusive, expensive resort has just 10 casual, thatched huts. Everyone - guest and staff  - goes barefoot. This adds to the marooned Robinson Crusoe ambiance.

Best hotel

The island's best hotel is the Zanzibar Serena Inn. It has Stone Town's choicest waterfront location.

Best religion

Most Zanzibar citizens are Muslims (in contrast to mainland Tanzania where Christianity is dominant).

Two names

What most of the world calls "Zanzibar" is technically "Unguja". Locally, the word Zanzibar defines a small archipelago that includes Unguja as well as Pemba (another tourist destination). On this website, I use the name Zanzibar (instead of Unguja) because of its widespread world usage.

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