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Both are one-way. You cruise cruise going and fly back - or do the reverse. Here's how the two cruise types compare:


TransAtlantic cruise

This is the most popular type. Essentially, a ship crosses the Atlantic twice a year to be where the best weather is - and, therefore, where cruisers vacation.


Spring - March, April or May.
Ships relocate from the Americas (especially the Caribbean) to Europe (usually the Mediterranean).

Fall - September, October or November.
Ships reverse their nautical migration by returning to their winter habitat.


Most repositioning voyages last about two weeks because their itineraries include several stops. These can be during the ocean crossing or directly after it.

To entice travelers to book repositioning cruises, lines offer enticingly low fares, and many travelers grab them.


TransAtlantic cruise

The Cunard Line is the dominant player in this category. Its Queen Mary2 ping-pongs between New York and Southampton from May to October

The voyage takes only six days because the Queen Mary2 does not make stops along the way, And, the stylish Queen Mary2 is 50% faster than the typical trans-ocean cruise ship.

Cruisers will like this itinerary if they relish relaxing, get-away-from-it-all sea days. You don't see land for four consecutive days. Cruisers also appreciate the low-keyed traditional style.

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