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Why a TransAtlantic
cruise is special

You relive the Golden Age of cruising - the first half of the 20th century. Passenger ships ruled the Atlantic and trans-ocean flights barely existed.

Airline ticket issue

TransAtlantic cruises are one way. Therefore, you will need a one-way air ticket to return home. Be aware that most airlines charge almost as much (if not more) for a one-way as for a round trip ticket. This is a deal breaker for many would-be TransAtlantic cruisers.

Who should not take
a TransAtlantic cruise

Don't go if you: Are prone to motion sickness. Feel uneasy about not seeing land for days. Are far more interested in shore excursions than relaxing sea days. Crave a party ship.

Onboard activities
and facilities

It's difficult to be bored. Take your pick: Broadway-style shows, musical combos, comedians, piano bars, movies, dancing, lounges, casinos,  restaurants, buffets, outdoor barbecues, lectures, cooking lessons, wine tastings, reading, games,  demonstrations, boutique shopping, spa treatments, jogging, swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing doing absolutely nothing.


TransAtlantic cruise ships collectively visit ports in these and other countries: Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Canary Islands, Caribbean Islands, England, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Madeira, Spain, and the USA.

Luxury cruises

There are more sea days, fewer ports of call on a TransAtlantic cruise. This increases the appeal of a luxury cruise because you'll be spending more time onboard. Luxury ships have larger cabins, uncrowded public spaces, superior dining experiences, better lectures, fewer PA interruptions, to name but a few of many benefits.

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