Famous Campania
and Naples dishes

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Cooking ingredients
of Naples and Campania


Spaghetti is a favorite, and is frequently served covered with seafood and meatless marinara tomato sauce.


The Campanian countryside produces superb fruits and vegetables, particularly tomatoes and eggplants.


The bland mozzarella cheese that is made from water buffalo milk regularly finds its way to the table, often with tomatoes on a salad plate.

Other basic ingredients

They include garlic, onions, bread, olive oil, oregano and other heady herbs.


It's the principal protein source and can be scungilli (conch), clams, mussels, octopus, squid, shrimp, or any of a wide variety of locally caught fish.


Although Neapolitan Italian restaurants in countries like America serve a lot of meatballs, red meat is infrequently eaten by the average Campanian because it tends to be expensive owing to poor pasturage conditions. Poultry, in terms of use and popularity, falls between seafood and red meat.

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