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Lombardy and Milan
tips and insights

Culinary preferences

Three defining characteristics:


Generous use of butter is a hallmark of Milanese/Lombard cooking.

Rice and Polenta

Diners have a strong preference for rice or polenta over pasta.

Meat vs seafood

Being landlocked, Lombardy has few notable seafood specialties (one being the aquatic version of Frito Misto). Meat (especially veal) is king.

Cheeses of Lombardy

Regional Lombard cheeses include the blue- veined Gorgonzola, the creamy and mild Bel Paese, and the surface-ripened Taleggio.

Beverages of Lombardy

Wines are of little note from a serious wine drinker's perspective, but Lombardy does manufacture the well-known Campari, a bitter sweet aperitif sipped in chic bars around the globe.

Best city for gourmets

Milan is the top all-around food city in Lombardy. Bergamo is the runner-up.

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