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French influence

Although culinary influences from neighboring France can be seen in the regional cuisine, Piedmontese cookery is nonetheless distinct unto itself.

Wines of Piedmont

Piedmont is without question Italy's finest red wine-growing district, Tuscany and its Chianti Classico notwithstanding. Using the noble Nebbiolo grape, Piedmont produces the great full-bodied Barolo and Gattinara reds and the near-great Barbaresco red, none of which should be drunk younger than five to ten years. There is also a varietal Nebbiolo red, as well as Barbera and Grignolino reds (of lesser breed). Regional white wines are few and uninteresting.

On the sparkling side there is Asti Spumante, more famous than great, and often a bit sweet. Greater Torino is Italy's Vermouth capital.

Best city for gourmets

Torino (also spelled and pronounced Turin) is the top all-around food city in Piedmont.

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