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Sardinia beverages


Strong red wine. Good with roasted meats.

Mirtu liquor

A potent after-dinner digestive made from myrtle berries.

Sardinia cuisine
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The cuisine of Sardinia is the most distinctive of Italy's regional cuisines, mainly due to the island's geographic isolation from Italy's mainland.

The two cuisines
of Sardinia

The cuisine of Sardinia can be divided into two cooking styles:

Coastal cuisine

Defined by a broad variety of seafood.

Inland cuisine

It encompasses undulating farmland, pristine woodlands and rugged mountains in Sardinia's interior. The inland cuisine is especially renowned for spit-roasted meats. Wild mushrooms and game are also culinary stars.

For the best of each of the two Sardinian cuisines, eat their foods only within their respective geographical areas.

Fresh and simple

Sardinian cooks insist on fresh ingredients. And, their cooking style is less complex than in other regions, which suits Sardinian diners. They want their foods cooked relatively simple and straightforward so as not to overwhelm the food's natural flavor.


In Italian, Sardinia is spelled Sardegna and pronounced sahr-DAY-nyuh.

Best city for gourmets

Cagliari is the top all-around food city in Sardinia. Alghero is the island's runner-up.

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