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Key Tuscany cooking ingredients

Olive oil

It rather than butter is widely used in cooking. The Tuscan town of Lucca is considered one of the best if not the finest producer of that pale gold liquid.


Another characteristic cooking ingredient is the bean, which goes into many soups and stews. "Alla Toscana" on a menu usually suggests a side order of beans.


Although it is not true in the rest of Italy, beef is very popular in Tuscany.


Along the Tuscan coast one finds seafood specialties. They include the well-seasoned soup-stew Cacciucco as well as dishes made with baby eel.

Tuscany and Florence
tips & insights

"a la Florentine"

Don't look for a spinach-dominated cuisine in Florence despite the fact that "a la Florentine" sometimes implies "with spinach" on menus beyond Italy.

Best city for gourmets

Florence is the top all-around food city in Tuscany. Siena is the runner-up.

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