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Mount Fuji


It is 3,776 kilometers (12,386 feet) in altitude, making it Japan's tallest mountain.


It is a dormant, not dead volcano - and is overdue. It has a 300-year cycle - and  it last erupted in 1708.


"Mount Fuji" is a western name. Japanese call it Fuji-san.


Unlike most large volcanoes, it has a near-perfect symmetrically one.


Ancient Japanese revered it and some ascended it for devotional reasons. However, women were forbidden to scale it until about 140 years ago.


Typically, several climbers die each year. The primary cause is lack of caution.

Ultimate nocturnal climb

Do it on a full moon. The landscape becomes eerily beautiful.


Food, drink, accommodations, and hiking supplies are very costly. And the higher you go, the greater the prices.

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