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The three periods

Official climbing season

It spans two months, from July 1st to August 31st. It has the best hiking weather and is the best choice for novice hikers. But the trails can become terribly crowded.

To lessen crowd impact, come on weekdays (avoid weekends and holidays). Also visit in early July or late August when children return to school.

Shoulder seasons

They are June and September. Crowds are small or non-existent. But temperatures are colder and there is a greater chance of encountering bad weather, including fall typhoons.

Cold season

It runs from October through May. Fewer people will be around to ruin your communion with nature. Only well-experienced hikers with proper equipment should climb Mount Fuji because ice, deep snows, sub-freezing temperatures, and strong winds create a dangerous environment. And if you are injured, medical help is remote.

Have a flexible schedule

If advance reservations for accommodations are unnecessary for you, don't head to Mount Fuji until the weatherman practically guarantees sun without rain or clouds.

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