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There are several trails up the volcano. Their trailheads are located in different areas on Mount Fuji. Most visitors opt for the Yoshida trailhead at Kawaguchiko Station #5. Main reasons:

Easily reached
from Tokyo

An express bus goes from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko Station #5 in just 2.5 hours. And there are multiple departures.

Less to climb

Its 2300 meter altitude is only about 1,500 meters (a mile) below the summit's.

Hiking time

The ascent averages 3 to 7 hours and the descent 2 to 4 hours.


You can view the sunrise before you reach the summit.


The tiny tourism town has comfortable accommodations, restaurants, and shops.

Best overall
for most visitors

The Yoshida trail is easier for novice hikers. And it has more mountain houses (convenient but Spartan accommodations), rest areas, and eateries than other trails.

Most popular
hiking schedule

Climb at night, reaching the summit early enough to see the celebrated sunrise. Some people break the nocturnal climb with a brief sleep over on a tatami mat in one of the high-altitude mountain houses.

Alternatively, you can double the experience. Hike up in midday, watch the sensational sunset, sleep at a mountain house, get up early in the morning to reach the summit to view the sunrise.

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