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Daytime is longest during the weeks before and after June 22. This gives you more daytime sightseeing hours.

Know what
affects temperatures

Average temperatures obviously rise in the summer, fall in the winter.

The same is true regarding latitude (see my color-coded map below). The closer you are to the equator, the hotter the temperature will likely be.


But seasons and latitude are not the only factors influencing temperatures.

Distance from the sea

Temperatures tend to rise as you move inland from the sea.

Other variables

They include the altitude, prevailing winds, El Nino, and local weather conditions.


Tranquil cruising

If hoards of scampering, screaming children would ruin your vacation, then don't go during school-vacation periods. (Alternatively, book a luxury ship - children will be few in number and are typically well-behaved).


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1   Civitavecchia  Gateway to Rome

2   Piraeus  Gateway to Athen

3   Venice  Italy

4   Livorno  Gateway to Florence

5   Istanbul

6   Dubrovnik  Croatia

7   Naples  Gateway to Pompeii + more

8   Marseille  Gateway to Provence

9   Nice  Gateway to French Riviera

10 Malaga  Spain

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