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The best time of the year to go on a Mediterranean cruise depends on your personal priorities. Read the pros & cons below.


Peak season
June to August


Least rain. Most itineraries. Period dovetails with school vacations.


Ports and popular attractions are packed with tourists. Temperatures can be uncomfortably hot. Cruise and air rates are their highest. Ship, itinerary and cabin availability are usually scarce or non-existent (unless you book early).

Best month


Worst month

August. Ports are jammed with tourists (most Europeans go on vacations in August). The sun is usually at its hottest.


Spring or fall season
Mid-April to May
September to mid-October


Uncrowded ports and attractions. Lower cruise and air rates. Less competition for bookings. Comfortable temperatures.


Schedule conflict for families with school-age children.

Best time

Mid- to late-September. Next best is late-May to early-June.


Winter season
Late-October to mid-April


Temperatures are comfortable for visiting Madeira, Canary Islands, Morocco, and Egypt.


Chilly or frigid in northern Mediterranean ports.


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2   Piraeus  Gateway to Athen

3   Venice  Italy

4   Livorno  Gateway to Florence

5   Istanbul

6   Dubrovnik  Croatia

7   Naples  Gateway to Pompeii + more

8   Marseille  Gateway to Provence

9   Nice  Gateway to French Riviera

10 Malaga  Spain

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