Deception Island

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Deception Island 
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The horseshoe-shaped Deception Island sits just off the Antarctica Peninsula coast. The bay in the middle of the island has an interesting harbor that has become a popular stop over destination for Antarctica cruise ships. 

Deception Island
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The land is a caldera

It is the remnants of a collapsed volcano. Characteristically, the middle portion of the volcano sank, creating a depression while the remnants of the collapsed wall formed a high barrier around the hollow.

Volcano is still active

It last erupted several decades ago, destroying some buildings, and forcing research scientists and military personnel to flee Deception Island.

Wading in Pendulum Bay

Subterranean volcanic energy heats a few areas of the bay, particularly Pendulum Bay. Tourists don bathing suits and splash around in that bay while their friends take their pictures (they know that being photographed in beach attire in the Antarctica will be a conversation piece when they get back home).

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