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Moving about

They are birds but they cannot fly. They walk on land, but in a comical way. However, penguins are elegant and speedy in the water - some exceed 30 kilometers (20 miles) per hour.

Diving depth

Emperor penguins can dive to a depth of over 500 meters (1600 feet) - and can remain underwater for 20 minutes.


Penguins feed on fish, krill, shrimp and squid in the sea surrounding Antarctica - while leopard seals and killer whales feed on the penguin.


Penguins exist in the wild only in the southern hemisphere.

Lifespan attributes

Penguins mate for life and some penguins live for decades.

Lengthy migrations

Like salmon, penguins travel great distances to return to breed at the exact location where they were born. Only the emperor penguin lives year-round in Antarctica. The others migrate in winter to slightly warmer latitudes.

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