Polar icecap

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Polar icecap
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Virtually lifeless

The polar icecap is void of bushes and trees - as well as of wildlife (except along the Antarctica coast where penguins and seals live - and possibly in lakes burried deep under the icecap).

Remote-site tours

At least one tour company is conducting trips into remote spots on the vast icecap.

Inundated cities

If global warming were to melt the icecap, coastal cities around the globe would be covered by water. (See related comments on my Rose Ice Shelf web page).

Developed ever so slowly

Incredibly, despite its vast quantity of ice, Antarctica by definition is mainly a desert because its annual rainfall is measly. The icecap slowly developed over 100,000 years, snowflake by snowflake. The snow does not melt because of the freezing temperature. Instead, it gradually compacts into ice.

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