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Canadian cuisine heritage

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Canada - the world's second largest country geographically - is a melting pot of diverse culinary heritages from Europe, Asia and North America. British and French settlers influenced Canadian cuisine the most.

British imprint

It is today evident on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

French imprint

Its culinary French mark is obvious in Quebec Province.

However, much credit belongs to the native First Nations and Intuit peoples who helped teach the British and French settlers how to forage, farm, hunt and cook the distinctive bounty of Canada. This helped the many newcomers survive their early days.

Famous Canadian beverages

Bloody Caesar

A Bloody Mary perked with clam juice. This Canadian creation is now popular around the world.

Canadian (Rye) Whisky

Nearly all are made with a blend of grains. Smoother than the American and Scotch varieties. Canadian Club is the most famous brand.

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