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Nanaimo Bars

British Columbia

A three-tiered cake: chocolate layer over a custardy icing layer over a crumb layer. It's cut into squares.

Oka Cheese

Quebec Province

A French-style creamy, semi-soft cheese with buttery, nutty, pungent notes.

Pate Chinois

Quebec Province

Literally, “Chinese Pie”. It’s like a Shepherd’s Pie, except a corn layer lies between the meat and mashed potato layers.

Planked Salmon

British Columbia

Fillets are cooked on a wooden plank hugging a campfire.


Quebec Province

French fries and cheese curds are mixed together and crowned with gravy. Some call it and the Tourtiere the national dishes of Canada.


Quebec Province

Pork pie with an enveloping flaky crust. Other meats can be used, too. It is traditionally served after Christmas midnight mass.

Saskatoon Berries


It's not a berry, but visually resembles blueberries. In taste, it's milder and a bit sweeter. Used in jam, jellies, syrups, dressings, and pies.


I did not include popular Canadian specialties like bannock (Indian fried bread), Belon oysters, bison (buffalo), Brome Lake duck, donairs, lobsters, and wild rice because they (or similar versions) are also associated with the cuisines of other countries. But do try them when in Canada.

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