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Crab and/or fish soup simmered with callaloo (taro leaf). Other ingredients usually include coconut milk and chilies.

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Conch chowder and fritters

The conch (pronounced "konk") is a Caribbean food icon. This mollusk was once widely enjoyed, but with shrinking availability, prices have soared. Some restaurants now use fillers.

Various islands

Curried Goat

Many restaurants use the strong-flavored meat of a mature goat. Better restaurants (whether expensive or mid-priced) use the tender and subtly flavored meat of the young animal (kid). Insist on the latter.


Flying fish sandwich

The small Caribbean fish can soar above the water for considerable distances to escape predators. For the sandwich, the flying fish is fried and doused with hot sauce. The sandwiches are typically sold in food shacks and similar eateries.


Jerk pork or chicken

The meat is left for days or longer in an assertive herb-and-spice marinade (lots of chilies). A deep, complex food flavor develops. The meat is usually grilled.


Keshi Yena

A shrimp (or chicken or beef) mixture is baked inside a hollowed whole Edam cheese ball.


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