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Do not photograph local men without first asking for and gaining their clear permission. Regarding children, get a parent's permission. And, generally, don't photograph women.

Dress code

The Islamic Arab and Persian worlds have conservative dress codes. Follow them out of respect to their religion and cultures.

They vary from country to country. Ask your cruise staff for specifics. In the meantime, here are a few important attire guidelines when you are in public places:


Wear long pants (not shorts) and a polo or sports shirt (not T-shirts). In a mosque, the shirt should be long-sleeved.


Avoid bare shoulders and revealing necklines. Wear a long dress, skirt or pants. In a mosque, don a head scarf that completely hides your hair. Only your face and hands should be seen. This means no visible ankles.


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1 - Dubai
2 - Abu Dhabi
3 - Muscat
4 - Khasab
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