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Why Muscat
is special

It's one of the most picturesque Persian Gulf Cruise ports of call because, by law, the buildings are white or light hued and have height limits.

Top 3 attractions

Grand Mosque

Though built in modern times, the Sultan Qaboos Mosque looks a tad like it's been around a long time. The huge main prayer hall is impressive. It has the world's second largest carpet and a colossal chandelier. Photography is permitted.

Non-Muslim visitors are welcome in the morning five days a week. Read my dress code guidelines on my Insights to Know web page.


Nakhl Fort

This photogenic restored fortress sits on the foot of a hill overlooking date palm groves. I enjoyed exploring its many rooms. Some are furnished in period trappings. Nakhl Fort is slightly over an hour's drive from Muscat.


Seeb fish market

Seeb town has Oman's most famous fish souk. It's 20-minutes by road from Muscat.

Come in the early morning when the market buzzes with buyer-seller haggling. By mid-morning, most of the fish and workers are gone.

Other leading Muscat
attractions include ...

Muscat gates & walls
Muscat Gate House Museum
Bahla Fort (excursion)
Main Muttruh souk

More Muscat
tips & insights

Scorching in summer

Do your mid-summer sightseeing early or late in the day. In June, the average high is 40ºC (104ºF). The record is 54ºC (129ºF).

Two sections

Muscat as the world knows it comprises two main sections:

Old Muscat

It's the most picturesque and is flanked by two old Portuguese forts.


It is more modern and is the principal business district.



Top 4 cruise ports for visitors
1 - Dubai
2 - Abu Dhabi
3 - Muscat
4 - Khasab
+   Six other cruise ports

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