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Arabs and Persians are world renowned for their hospitality to strangers, including foreigners. It's part of their culture, dating back thousands of years.

Between the sexes

It's illegal for a man and woman to physically display affection like kissing or hugging in public. Take this law seriously. Tourists are occasionally jailed and deported for flouting this law.

Illegal drugs

Under no circumstance bring, buy, use, share, or traffic illegal drugs in the Persian Gulf area. You would face jail time followed by quick deportation - and, in some instances, a death sentence.

Personal safety

In general, the streets of the main Persian Gulf cruise ports of call are as safe or safer than in most European and North American big cities. One reason is penalties for theft and assault are quite severe in the Persian Gulf region by Western standards.

Still, as you would in any unfamiliar city, exercise caution. Don't make it easy for pickpockets, purse snatchers, and con artists.


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Top 4 cruise ports for visitors
1 - Dubai
2 - Abu Dhabi
3 - Muscat
4 - Khasab
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