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Why the
Drakensberg Mountains
are special

The 1,000 kilometer (620 mile) long Drakensberg Mountain range is renowned for its majestic cliff faces that were sculpted over millions of years by winds and rains from the Indian Ocean.

Drakensberg Mountains
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This is the most dramatic and famous feature of the Drakensberg Mountains. The Amphitheatre's cliff walls soar up to 3,165 meters (10,384 feet) above the plateau. Its rim stretches 5 kilometers (3 miles).

Thabana Peak

It's the highest mountain in Africa south of Tanzania's Kilimanjaro.

Tugela Falls

It plunges 948 kilometers (3110 feet) in five drops. If you measure multiple-drops, it is the world's second highest waterfall.

Rock paintings

Drakensberg Mountain caves are home to thousands of ancient Bushman rock paintings

Location in South Africa

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