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Why the
Kimberly Diamond Mine
is special

The Kimberly Diamond Mine is the world's most legendary mining endeavor. Its Big Hole captures the imagination of visitor

Diamond Mine
tips and insights

Big Hole (see photo)

This famous hole-in-the-ground was a hill when the mining began in the early 1870s. Over time, the workers dug deeper and deeper into the ground for diamonds until the opening became too deep to be mined effectively. The Big Hole was abandoned and rain water partially filled it.

Lesser hotels

The Kimberly Diamond Mine property has other gigantic excavated pits, which were also abandoned in due cours

New mining method

Today the shaft rather than the pit method is used. Miners work far below the ground using modern equipment and tools.

History in brief

When diamonds were discovered at the site in the early 1870s, floods of fortune seekers arrived. Most failed. A few became rich. The mining operation gained notoriety in the past for its treatment of its black workers.

Location in South Africa

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