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Fribourg Old Town

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Fribourg Old Town
is special

It's a well-preserved medieval urban center blessed with an impressive setting.

St Nicholas Cathedral

Medieval setting

Fribourg Old Town sits on a hilly promontory bordered by a twisting river. The streets (some cobblestoned) are lined with engaging Gothic building facades dating back five centuries and more.

St Nicholas Cathedral

It was stated in 1283 and took centuries to finish. The cathedral is especially renowned for its stained glass windows and soaring spire (see photo). You can climb its 365 steps for a marvelous panoramic view of the city and countryside

Other major attractions

They include: Museum of Art and History (lodged in a 16th century building)  l'Hotel de Ville (the venerable city hall)  Augustinian Monastery (part is now a conference center). Festivals (film, music, folklore, jazz, food, to name but several).

Fribourg Old Town
tips & insights

History in brief

It was founded in 1157. What we see today was mainly built from then through the 16th century. Today, there's ongoing modernization, but it takes place behind the building facades and in the city areas beyond the old town.


Fribourg is both French and German speaking. And most residents also speak English.

Location in Switzerland

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Photo by Norbert Aepli - CC BY 2.5


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