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Why the
Lucerne Covered Bridges
are special

Two of them - the Mill Bridge and the more famous Chapel Bridge - are historical medieval constructions.

Chapel Bridge
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It spans the Reuss River for a length of 204 meters or 670 feet. A medieval water tower picturesquely stands next to it (see photo).


The Kapell (German name) bridge was built in 1333 for defensive purposes.


In the 17th century, over 100 panel paintings depicting local history were mounted in the triangular rafters.


On August 18, 1993, a fire destroyed much of the bridge (firefighters managed to save only the sections nearest the two ends).

Within a year, the ruined wooden sections were restored or rebuilt.

Sadly, the majority of the paintings were either blackened or hopelessly burned. However, enough survived to bear testament to the bridge's former glory.

Mill Bridge
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Similarities and differences

Like the Chapel Bridge, this wooden covered bridge crosses the Reuss River in Lucerne. And it has 17th century paintings in its rafters.

However, a number of the Mill Bridge paintings deal with the black plague, some gruesomely so. And the bridge is off the beaten tourist path.

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