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Best onboard
sightseeing vantages

Watching the locks in operation from your ship is a key highlight on a Panama Canal cruise. Side decks (and virtually all cabin balconies) offer poor vantages. The best viewpoints are on the fore deck (the aft deck is second best). And the higher the deck, the better the eagle-eye perspective.

Panama Canal
cruise viewing problem

Unfortunately, cruise ships generally don't have sufficient fore and aft deck space to accommodate all their view-seeking passengers. Standing three deep at the railing is not uncommon. This is especially bad for photographers and short people. It's wise to arrive early to stake out your unobstructed railing spot.

Shore excursion

The best are rainforest excursions you take when the ship arrives in fresh-water Gatun Lake.

Night crossings

Be aware that some cruise ships are scheduled to pass through the Panama Canal at night. That's not what most cruisers come to do. Make sure the cruise you book has a scheduled daylight transit. Even then, you could be stuck with a night passage. Reasons include an unavoidable delayed cruise schedule or an unanticipated major traffic backup on the waterway.

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