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Panama Canal
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Cruise length

The average length of a Panama Canal cruise is 14 nights for full-transit voyages. Partial-and non-transits average about 10 nights.

Hours of operation

The Panama Canal is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


These railed locomotives pull and guide ships through the locks. They were nicknamed "mules" when they replaced the animal long ago.


Most of the cargo that passes through the  Panama Canal is coming from or going to the USA. The majority of the ships are Asian (primarily Chinese and Japanese).


The Panama Canal is owned by the Panamanian government (since the end of the last century).

Panama Canal is complex

It's a vast, intricate system of mighty locks, artificial lakes, man-made channels, herculean machinery, and sophisticated navigation and communication electronics. If something major would go amiss, the effect on maritime trade would be acutely felt around the world.

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