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Classical French Cuisine
in the 21st century

Downward trend

Today Classical French Cuisine is slowly disappearing because of the increasingly prohibitive costs of the required ingredients - and the growing reluctance of talented youths to undergo lengthy, slave-like, and financially unrewarding apprenticeships.

Worth preserving?

Its critics say, "Good riddance" - who needs so many calories and such a high cholesterol count? They would be right, of course, if such cuisine were our steady diet.

Classical French Cuisine
tips and insights

Quick definition

The world-acclaimed haute cuisine of France is essentially a system of cooking that has transformed regional dishes into elaborate ones fit for the most discriminating epicure.


According to its rules, nothing but the finest cooking ingredients, equipment, and talent should be employed. Recipes are exact and should be followed faithfully. Therefore, contrary to widespread opinion, being a haute-cuisine chef is not a truly creative profession.

It's best prepared
in restaurants

Because the preparation of many of the sauces requires an economy of scale and much time (measured in days), haute cuisine is better suited for well-staffed restaurants than to homes.


Classical French Cuisine is cooked in distinguished restaurants in many places in France, but is mainly concentrated in and around Paris.

Best city
for gourmets

Paris is the top all around food city offering the Classical French Cuisine style.

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