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A hearty meat (usually pork or chicken), sausage and vegetable stew. Adapted from Spanish cuisine.


Simmered, steamed or braised rolled flank steak stuffed with assorted ingredients including chopped sausage and boiled eggs.

Pan de Sal

Slightly sweet bread roll. Despite its Spanish name ("salt bread"), it is minimally salty.


Vegetable stew made with tomatoes, bittermelon, eggplant and okra. Seasoned with Bagoong (fermented fish paste).


Sweet steamed rice-flour cake. Usually vividly colored (see photo above).

Rellenong Manok

Deboned whole chicken stuffed with a meat mixture and boiled eggs.


Leftover steamed rice fried with garlic. Popular at breakfast.


Marinated, then fried air-cured beef.


Meat or seafood soup-stew flavored with ginger and garlic.


Cured, slightly sweet pork. A popular breakfast meat.


Shrimp and mung bean sprouts are battered and shaped into a disk, then deep fried.

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