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Rice is the dominant food of the Philippines. It is often served for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and is used for appetizers, entrees and dessert, in grain or flour form.

Rice is so important in the Philippine diet that it goes by 3 different names based on its preparation state.

Palay - Unhusked rice

Bigas - Husked, uncooked rice

Kanin - Cooked rice

Social role

Food is an integral part of Philippine socializing. It’s a virtual must accompaniment for family and friend get-togethers.

Regional specialties
and styles

Each region of the Philippines has its own distinct specialties and cooking styles. Yet, some dishes have become national favorites. I briefly describe them in my “10 most famous” and “25 more” specialties web pages.

Chili areas

Cooks in the southern part of the Philippines lavishly use chili to perk up their dishes. Northern diners (except in the Bicol region) have milder palates.

Pork areas

Pork is adored in the northern Philippine regions but shunned in large areas of Mindanao in the south (most Mindanaons are Muslim, not Christian).


Frequently used bottled condiments include patis (fish sauce), bagoong (strong-scented fermented shrimp paste) and (toyo) soy sauce. The fresh tiny kalamansi (indigenous lime) also flavors many dishes.

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