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Philippine cuisine
origin and evolution


The dishes and cooking techniques of the Philippine Islands were originally Malay. Then, over many centuries, they were greatly influenced by visitors from distant lands. These include:

Pre-Hispanic Chinese
Indian and Arab traders
Spanish and American colonizers
Japanese conquerors


Despite the foreign culinary impact, Philippine food is more than a melting-pot cuisine. It has successfully evolved into an enticing culinary style that is distinctly Filipino. The local cooks have a flair for adapting imported recipes to suit their tastes.

Filipino New Cuisine

As in some other countries, young adventurous Filipino chefs are developing a "New Cuisine" for their country. The emphasis is on using fresh, tasty, local ingredients cooked lightly to preserve natural flavors.

Philippine Fusion Cuisine

It has also been launched. That name sounds anachronistic to me when used to describe a new Philippine culinary style because Philippine cuisine has been a fusion cuisine for centuries.

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