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Interesting tidbits
about the Hanging
Gardens of Babylon

Ancient accounts of
the Hanging Gardens
of Babylon are scarce

Although several ancient Greek writers describe them, none ever saw them. And, "hanging gardens" was never mentioned on any of the numerous clay-tablet records that archaeologists excavated from Babylon.


What remains of what is widely believed to be the Seven Wonder site is mainly red brick rubble.

Water issues

Substantial water was needed for irrigation because water evaporates quickly in Babylon's arid environment.

Devising a workable watering system was more of a challenge than erecting the gardens. The water had to be diverted from the Euphrates River and raised to the level of the holding tank above the Hanging Gardens.

And, this Seven Wonder could collapse if water were absorbed by the brick columns and foundation supporting the gardens.

Terrace support

The gardens "overhang" the terraces rather than "hang" from ropes. A long-ago translator apparently erred.


The estimated lifespan of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was only a century or so, likely due to neglect. This in turn caused water damage and clay brick deterioration.


It was one of the world's most impressive cities with its magnificent palace, temples, walls and gates. The 5th century BC Greek historian Herodotus wrote, "Babylon surpasses in splendor any city in the known world." It's possible that Babylon was originally on the Seven Wonders list and a Medieval scribe took it upon himself to substitute the Hanging Gardens for it.

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