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What happened to
the fallen building blocks
of the lighthouse?

Some were used by Sultan Qaitbay in the mid 1400s to build a fortress on (or near) the lighthouse's site. Today, this seaside fort is the focal point of Alexandria's harbor and is as sturdy as ever.

1994 expedition

A scuba-diving archaeological expedition explored and mapped the harbor's seafloor near the Seven Wonder's site. They located over 2,000 submerged large building blocks, which they say were part of the lighthouse.

Some critics believe that the stones have nothing to do with the lighthouse because many of the sunken objects came from even earlier ancient Egyptian buildings.

The archaeologists counter argue that the ancient Egyptians commonly recycled material from old structures - and the builders of the Lighthouse of Alexandria were no exception.

Other name

The Seven Wonder is also well known as the "Lighthouse of Pharos." It was named for the small island Pharos in Alexandria harbor upon which the lighthouse was built. A causeway connects the island with the mainland.

The Lighthouse of Pharos became so renowned that the name "pharos" is the root of the word "lighthouse" in several languages (for instance, "phare" in French).

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