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The correct pronunciations listed below are the ones locals use. The asterisks (*) indicate island names commonly mispronounced by tourists.


Island   Correct pronunciation
* Anguilla   ahn-gweel-ah
* Antigua   ahn-tee-gah
Barbados   bahr-bay-dohs
* Barbuda   bah-boo-dah
Dominica   dohm-uh-nee-kuh
Grenada   gruh-nay-dah
Grenadines   greh-nah-deens
* Guadeloupe   gwohd-ell-oop
Martinique   mahr-tih-neek
Montserrat   mohnt-suh-raht
* Nevis   nee-vihs
* Saba   say-bah
St Barts   bahrts
St Eustatius   you-stay-shush
St Kitts   kitz
* St Lucia   loo-shuh
St Maarten   mahr-tihn
St Martin   mahr-tihn
Tobago   tuh-bay-go
Trinidad   trinh-eh-dahd


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