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The correct Western Caribbean pronunciations listed below are the ones locals use. The asterisks (*) indicate island names commonly mispronounced by tourists.


Island   Correct pronunciation
Aruba   ah-roo-bah
Belize   buh-leez
Bahamas   buh-hah-mahz
* Bonaire   boh-nair
Cancun   can-kune
Cayman Islands   kay-man
Cozumel   koh-sue-mehl
Cuba   kyoo-bah
* Curacao   cuhr-ah-soh
Dominican Republic   duh-mihn-eh-kun
Haiti   hay-tee
Honduras   hohn-duhr-uhs
Jamaica   juh-may-kuh
Puerto Rico   pwehr-toh ree-koh
* Turks / Caicos   turks / kay-kos



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