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A few cruises visit all three of these Arctic cruise destinations.


Svalbard  Norway

This archipelago is only about 1200 kilometers (750 miles) from the North Pole. Most of the land is wonderful wilderness, with many polar bears and striking glaciers. Ignore the capital city Longyearbyen. Lackluster describes it.



Don't miss Gullfoss Waterfall, Jokulsarlon Glacial Lake, Myvatn Lake Region, and Vatnajokull Glacier, and Iceland's geothermal springs. The national capital Reykjavik has a fun, dynamic downtown area.


Greenland  governed by Denmark

Fjords are Greenland's chief attraction. They are numerous, long, and spectacular - and can be easily viewed from a cruise ship. If the cruise ship takes you to only one, make sure it's the Ilulissat (Jakobshavn) Ice Fjord.

Runners-up: Baffin Island (Canada) and North Cape (Norway).

When to go on
an Arctic cruise

The season runs from May to September. July and August offer the best all-around climate for Arctic cruises.

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