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Unpredictable weather

Don't be surprised if your captain has to make a last-minute change in the itinerary or shore excursion landing. Weather rules the Arctic.

Arctic pests

Biting insects run rampant in most Arctic cruising regions. Bring repellant.


Forget about taking an Arctic cruise if you are not physically fit and in good health. Some shore excursions are challenging and ships are sometimes great distances from a hospital and emergency evacuation service.


As in Antarctica, you need to dress in many layers. Your parka and other outer clothes should be waterproof and windproof. And wear thermal underwear. You also need rubber Wellington boots for stepping out of a Zodiac boat into calf-deep cold water (some Arctic shore excursion sites don't have docks).

The Arctic is
very international

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the USA share it.

The big difference between
the Arctic and Antarctica

Antarctica is mainly land mass, Most of the Arctic above the Arctic Circle is a deep sea blanketed by ice.

Midnight sun

This summertime treat extends your daylight sightseeing hours, which max on June 21st.

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