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Passengers see penguin colonies, soaring glacier cliffs and calving icebergs.  High cost. Mid December to late February (sea and weather are most agreeable then). Cruise ships do not operate from April to October (the Antarctic winter).


You'll explore the remote islands where Charles Darwin observed unique wildlife that supported his evolution theory. Mid April to mid May (clear skies, warm weather, calm seas).


Many exciting regions, including the French Riviera, Greek Islands, Italian Ligurian Coast and Spanish Costa del Sol.   Some ports of call can be tourist-packed in summer. May to September (warmest months). November to March.

South Pacific

Destinations include lush tropical paradises like the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora in French Polynesia.  Long open-ocean travel between destinations (except for cruises within French-Polynesia). Varies by location (South Pacific covers broad area).


You quietly sail by glaciers, fjords and snow-capped jagged peaks, with stops at several photogenic ports. And you can helicopter onto remote glaciers for dog sledding.  Can be nippy in May and September (the first and last month of the five-month season). June to August (warmest months). June offers a bonus: longer daylight for sightseeing.

Fjords of Norway

Sail inside massive, narrow, steep-cliffed fjords. These natural wonders are awesome, humbling and beautiful. June to August. Cold months.

Baltic Sea

You visit a smorgasbord of Scandinavian cities (Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn) plus St. Petersburg in Russia.  June to August. Cold months.


You can visit many nation islands and the trips between the ports are short.  The Caribbean Islands lack the tropical lushness of the Hawaiian and South Pacific Islands. January and February (perfect nearly every day). Mid-June to early December (hurricane-threat period).

Hawaiian Islands

Voyagers view the dramatically cleaved, green-clad volcanic cliffs dropping down to the sea.  Long ocean trip from the USA mainland. Almost everyday, thanks to the location of this tropical paradise.

Mexican Riviera

Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and other west coast ports of call along the Mexican Riviera come alive with strong margaritas and lively mariachi bands.  Those who come to relax may find the scene hyper energetic. November to April (drier, less humid and not quite as hot as the summer period).


Arctic, Australia, New Zealand, Northeast USA combined with Southeast Canada, South America, Transatlantic - and around the world.

Non-sea cruises

Take the Amazon, Danube, Mississippi, Nile, Rhine, Southeast Asia, and Yangtze river cruises - and the barge cruises (especially those on European canals).


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