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Cantonese cuisine
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The three reasons


Cantonese cuisine is generally considered by gourmets to be China's best all around regional cuisine.

It's cooking is the most diversified and subtly seasoned in China.

Collectively, Cantonese diners have the most educated palates on earth.

Cantonese cuisine

Lobster Cantonese

Lobsters are little known in China outside of Canton. In this treatment, stir-fried lobster chunks in the shell are sauced with ground pork, eggs, and garlic.

Roast Duck

The whole bird is brushed with a sweet baste, then baked. When expertly prepared, the duck flesh is tender and succulent and the skin is crispy with a glistening dark reddish brown hue.

Buddha's Delight

A meatless dish of many fresh and dried vegetables combined in a stir-fry.

Lemon Chicken

Batter-dipped chicken pieces are fried, then stir-fried with lemon and cornstarch until they are glazed.

Dim Sum

A Cantonese cuisine institution. Dim sums are midday treats served on small plates. Hundreds of dim sum varieties exist. They can be hot or cold, savory or sweet. Popular favorites include steamed dumplings, deep fried spring rolls, baked meat filled pastries and stuffed crab claws. Diners make their selections off carts pushed through thedining room. Tea is the traditional beverage.

Cantonese cuisine region in China

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