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Yak meat

It can be fried, stewed or grilled (or cooked in many other ways). There are even yak burgers for Westerners.

Yak Butter

Butter made from yak milk can be blended into tea (called Yak Butter Tea) or used as a flavoring agent for savory dishes.

The Yak

It not only plays a very important work role on the farm, its milk products are dietary mainstays (and its meat is a treat to non-vegetarians).



This is Fukien's best known specialty and is often used as a party dish. A medley of ingredients are slow-cooked in a large pot. Guests use this food as a filling for thin pancakes, which are rolled and eaten with the fingers.

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall

Various meats and vegetables are marinated and slowly cooked in seasoned wine. Legend has it that it smells so good that a vegetarian Buddhist monk jumped over a wall to taste it.

Culinary personality

Fukien (pronounced foo-kee-en) is situated along the fish-and-shellfish-rich East China Sea coast just north of Canton. It excels in clear soups and dishes made with fish from the sea and mountain rivers. Seasoning is subtle and freshness is emphasized.

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