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Pork -
a famous specialty of
Bologna and Emilia-Romagna

Cured products

Pork is the base ingredient of the city of Bologna's famous sausages (hence the English word "baloney") and other cured products including:


Parma's classic mountain-air cured ham.


Seasoned pork mixed with pork fat chunks.


A boned pig's foot stuffed with spiced pork.


Pork is the chief meat ingredient in the famed ragu. It is a thick, rich, and complex tomato sauce ideally suited for pasta. The sauce is often called "Bolognese sauce", named after the region's leading city.

Pork fat

It rather than butter or olive oil is the principal cooking oil of the region (though the city of Bologna, like Rome, proves itself egalitarian by using all three).

Other famous food
specialties of Bologna
and Emilia-Romagna


Emilia-Romagna's pasta creations are well known: Tortellini (small, stuffed ring shaped pasta), Tagliatelle (ribbon shaped pasta, the favorite base for a ragu), and the spinach-dyed pasta verde. Two noted pasta verde dishes are Lasagna Verde and Paglia e Fieno, literally Straw and Hay, referring to the look when green and yellowish noodles are combined.

Dairy products

The fat dairy cattle give rich milk and cream, frequently used in local dishes and in producing Parmigiano Reggiano, that universally cherished grating cheese English speakers call Parmesan.

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