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Famous foods
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Carta de musica

Literally, music paper. It's a thin, crisp, circular flatbread. Also called pane carasau by inlanders and pane fresa by coastal denizens.

Pecorino Sardo

Sardinia's most famous ewe's milk cheese. Similar to (and sometimes sold abroad as) pecorino Romano.

Spit-roasted meats

Traditionally a whole animal (often suckling pig, baby lamb and wild game) is cooked over aromatic herbs and wood charcoal.


Flaky pasta pies typically stuffed with minced meat or eel.


Small gnocchi, normally served with a well- seasoned tomato sauce.


Salted mullet or tuna roe is pressed into a firm mass, then thinly sliced. Eaten as an appetizer or used as a flavoring agent for main dishes.


Sardinia's version of the mainland's Burrida fish stew.


Pouch-shaped ravioli. Commonly stuffed with spinach and pecorino cheese.

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