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Both local and European culinary cultures influenced the cooking style of Goa, a former colony of Portugal.

Goa food specialties

Pork Vindaloo

The internationally best known dish of Goa. Before being braised, the pork is marinated in a spicy, garlicky vinegar marinade. It's quite hot. Pork Vindaloo derives its name from the Portuguese phrase "vinho d'alho" (literally, "wine of garlic").

Goan Fish Curry

The second most renowned dish and the favorite of the large Hindu population in Goa. The preparation is traditionally made with a medley of fresh fish and shellfish, enriched with coconut and seasoned with scorching chilies.

Pork Indad

A sweet-and-sour pork curry dish flavored with sugar plus vinegar, tamarind, and sweet spices.


Cubed pork variety meats are simmered with vinegar, sugar and a spice paste. The flavors mellow for hours or days, then the dish is reheated and served with Sannas, a steamed rice bread flavored and lightened with fermented palm juice.

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Religious influences

The population of Goa is half Christian, which explains why pork is uniquely popular here. Elsewhere in India, Hindus and/or Muslims predominate, so pork eating is rare in those areas.

Ingredient combo

Curries incorporating a combination of hot chili peppers and coconut milk or cream are popular in Goa.

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