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Many gourmets believe that the Punjab is India's land of milk and honey - and that it has the best cooks in the nation. The food is rich, creamy and robust. Subtlety is not a priority.

Punjab food

Tandoori Murg

One of India's finest dishes. A halved or quartered chicken (murg) is marinated in yogurt and spices, then broiled inside the tandoor, a five-foot-deep jar shaped clay oven, usually sunk vertically in the ground.

Tikka Murg

Marinated large boneless chicken cubes are skewered then quickly cooked inside a scorchingly hot tandoor oven.


A fragrant Punjab adaptation of the Middle Eastern Pilaf. The main ingredient rice is cooked in a pan with meat and/or vegetables, fruit and nuts, and spices.


Red kidney beans are simmered for several hours in a seasoned broth.

Sarson Ka Sag

Mustard leaves are simmered, then sauteed. The leaves become enticingly coated with a thick curry sauce.

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