Coastal & Southern
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Mexico's two
coastal regions -
Pacific and Caribbean


The cooks of the two coastal areas - such as those around Acapulco on the Pacific and Veracruz on the Caribbean side of the country - rely more on the natural goodness of their fresh ingredients than on a complicated cooking style. Seafood and tropical fruits are star ingredients.

Famous dishes


Huachinango a la Veracruzana

Red snapper marinated in lime juice and baked with chili, tomato puree, olives and capers. This Veracruz city classic is one of the world's great peasant dishes.

Caldillo de Mariscos

A thick, hearty soup or stew made with a medley of fresh fish and shellfish.

Mexican cuisine
southern region


The Yucatan Peninsula is the most interesting culinary area of Mexico's southern Mexican cuisine region. Its cooking influences date back to the ancient Mayans who once inhabited this lush tropical land:

The 3 most Famous dishes


Pollo Pibil

Chicken marinated with reddish annato spice, rolled in banana leaves, and steamed in an outdoor pit.

Sopa de Lima

Lime-infused chicken soup garnished with sizzling tortilla fragments.


A chili-rich concoction of hominy and smoked pork. The Yucatan version is chili-hotter than those cooked elsewhere in Mexico.

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