Northern & Central
Mexican food regions



About the
Northern Mexican
food region


This arid and thinly populated area has a cuisine that can best be described as simple, comfort food - heavy in fats and starches.

Yankee-Mexican dishes

The regional Mexican cuisine has inspired the cliché combination dishes that are popular in restaurants outside of Mexico:

Plates crammed with tacos,
enchiladas, tamales and
tostados with tortillas, rice
and refried beans

About the
Central Mexican
food region


For the most sophisticated Mexican cuisine, visit the inland semi-temperate plateaus of central Mexico, as in the Mexico City area. A key to its culinary triumphs is that it enjoys a broader, more interesting array of ingredients than typically found elsewhere in Mexico.

Foreign influences

Central Mexico has become a culinary melting pot of dishes from outlying regions and foreign countries. Typically, the local cooks adopt an imported dish, then put their own stamp on it by adjusting it to their liking. Still, Central Mexico has its originals, including Mole Poblano (see below).

Mole Poblano

Turkey braised in a complex sauce incorporating dozens of ingredients, including chili and chocolate (though you shouldn't taste more than a hint of the chocolate.).

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