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Click dining for photos and descriptions of Darwin's Restaurant and the Beagle Grill.

Discovery Lounge

This large and inviting room has comfortable padded sofas and chairs, enough to accommodate the entire passenger list. The Discovery Lounge serves multiple purposes. Guests use it for daytime reading and evening cocktails. The small dance floor doubles as a stage for lectures, presentations, briefings, and entertainment shows.

Vista Bar

It lines the broad passageway connecting the Discovery Lounge with the Beagle Grill. During the day, skillfully brewed cappuccinos and espressos reign. After 5 p.m., guests gather to sit on the comfortable bar stools to compare notes on the day's shore adventures over a draft beer or cocktail.

Blue Finch Bar

This petite outdoor bar and its dozen deck tables quickly become favorites of new arrivals. After dinner, the setting pulsates with karaoke and other music happenings.

Sunrise deck

Deck 6 - the ship's highest - is a complex of various venues:

Sun decks

Two spacious areas are set with quality, well-spaced deck chairs overlooking the sea.


Features beauty treatments and massages.


Adjacent to the spa.

Hot tub

Open until midnight. Popular.

Outdoor gym

Basic equipment such as exercise bikes.

Gift shop

It mainly sells logoed clothing and souvenirs, but also carries jewelry as well as some essentials like toothpaste should you run out.


It's tiny and tucked away in a corner of the Discovery Lounge. The library stocks some travel books, escape novels, and popular board games.

Guest relations desk

Several of my fellow passengers praised the staff's eagerness to give information and answer questions.

Naturalists desk

The Cruise/Naturalist Director sits here, ready to answer your queries about the short excursions.

Internet cafe

Several computers with privacy panels are nested in a corner of the Discovery Lounge.

Medical facilities

It includes examination paraphernalia, a supply of basic drugs, and an infirmary. The ship's doctor is on call 24/7.

Beach club / outdoor marina


This venue is located on the stern (rear) of the boat. This is where you step into and out of the Zodiacs. The Beach Club has overhead hooks where you can store your wet snorkeling gear bag between outings, which frees space in your cabin.

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