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packing advice

Pack lightly for
the Galapagos Islands

You're going on a casual adventure, not a competitive fashion show. And the airlines serving the Galapagos allow only one checked bag per person - and it cannot weigh more than 20 kilograms (32 pounds).

Two dress periods

Daytime excursion and shipboard wear can be as casual as you like, within limits. For dinner, it's still casual, but knock it up a notch or two.

packing checklist

Comfortable rubber-sole walking shoes or lightweight hiking boots or sneakers with good traction (2 pairs)

Water-friendly sandals for wet landings

Light cotton shirts and blouses (long- and short-sleeved / sport and polo)

Light cotton shorts, pants, skirts

Light rain jacket or short poncho


Wide-brimmed hat or billed cap with neck flap

Sunglasses (with sufficient UV protection)

Long and short sleeved polo shirts

Light sweater (for cool-month nights)

Waterproof day backpack

Bathing suit (two)

Snorkeling gear (if not provided)

Camera and/or camcorder

Small, lightweight binoculars

Small flashlight (for emergencies)

Toiletry kit (ask what the boat provides)

Sun block (high SPF factor)

Insect repellent

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