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The high
tourist seasons

The Galapagos has two

They are:

June to mid-September
mid-December to mid-January


There's also a tourist crush during the Easter holiday period.


The two high periods fall mainly in the dry season when you could encounter gray skies, restless seas, and slightly chilly temperatures.

Booking issues

During those periods, many cruise boats are fully booked a half year or more in advance. Even if you manage to secure a booking on short notice, you may have to settle for a boat, cabin, or itinerary that doesn't dovetail with your preferences.

The ideal 30-day
period in the Galapagos

If there is one superior time to visit, it would be mid-April to mid-May. The skies are usually clear. The air and sea are relatively warm. The water is calm. Vegetation is green. Colorful wild flowers are abloom. And, it's not yet high season when boat, ship, tour, cruise, hotel, and air costs peak.

If you can go only in the second half of the year, choose mid-November to early December. Temperatures are on the rise, the sea is calmer, and the year's second high season doesn't begin until mid-December.

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